Wanted: CAGC Member SME Contributors to GroundBreak Carolinas Newsletter


Wanted: CAGC Member SME Contributors to GroundBreak Carolinas Newsletter

GroundBreak Carolinas, a Build Your Career and CAGC industry resource partner, has kicked off a new series of short Guest Commentaries for its bi-weekly e-newsletter. They are inviting our members from across the Carolinas construction community to respond to a question related to Workforce Development and those answers will then be featured in their upcoming newsletter editions.

Share your industry expertise by joining the "Workforce Weigh-In" conversation in the GroundBreak Carolinas newsletter!  Desired SME discussion topics include pertinent issues related to workforce development, and responses can be broad spectrum from a general industry perspective,  trade-specific or professional.  Ideal "Workforce Weigh-In" submissions from SME particpants should be 2-3 paragraphs per question.

GroundBreak Carolinas is currently accepting guest commentary submissions for publication through the end of the year. If someone in your company would like to participate as a Subject Matter Expert, please view the list of topics below and samples of specific questions to choose from for your commentary:

  • What are you (or your company) doing to “sell” our industry?

    (e.g., New marketing, creative recruiting strategies, etc.?)

  • How is your firm preparing/educating your existing employees in response to the marketplace?

    (e.g., Continuing education? Outside resources?)

  • What are your thoughts on the challenges and solutions?

    (Are you optimistic, pessimistic, encouraged, etc.?)

Respondents are free to answer more than one question if they so choose, but only one submission will be featured per newsletter (i.e., additional submissions will be saved for publication at a later date).

Click the buttons below to view samples of three Workforce Weigh-In commentaries GroundBreak Carolinas has published since rolling out the new series in March:

How SCAPA is Recruiting Road Workers, April 7th 2020 "Selling" Plumbing/HVAC Careers to Our Youth, March 28th 2020 Closing the Gender Equity Gap, February 29th 2020


Along with the 2 - 3 paragraphs, GroundBreak will need the name and title of the designated commentator, along with that person’s photo – either a professional headshot or one taken in a workplace environment is fine.


There is no specific deadline for this; however, if you are interested in participating, they would find it helpful if you could indicate an approximate time frame for your response so that they can tentatively schedule your commentary in one of their upcoming newsletters.


Joan Krause, Senior Editor, GroundBreak Carolinas


jkrause@groundbreakcarolinas.com | www.GroundBreakCarolinas.com

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For more information on the CAGC Foundation’s Build Your Career workforce development initiative, please contact Program Director, Tammy Ford, via email at tford@carolinasagc.org or by phone at (704) 995-3901.