CAGC Members Pledge Nearly $123,000 at Convention to Support New BYC 50/50 Program!


CAGC Members Pledge Nearly $123,000 at Convention to Support New BYC 50/50 Program!

At the recent Carolinas AGC Annual Convention in Aruba, our attending members enjoyed hot, sun-filled Caribbean days, cold island drinks, delicious local Aruban cuisine and a jam-packed, yet very entertaining, agenda.  We had much to celebrate in this tropical paradise—the 100th anniversary of CAGC, our prestigious 2019 AGC of America Chapter of the Year Award, our Pinnacle Award winners and mostly just celebrating quality time with old friends and familiar faces.  Now that we’ve all returned back to our normal routines and the dust has settled a bit, Build Your Career also has a huge reason to celebrate...

During our Convention, we introduced our new 50/50 fundraising program and it piqued an extraordinary amount of interest and generated an overwhelming positive response from our attending member employers.  This employer-driven program is a creative fundraising initiative strategically designed to give individual companies a choice on how they would like their BYC contributions to be used, both in their community at a local school and also within the BYC program.  Our attending Convention members were so enthusiastic about the potential for the new 50/50 program to directly benefit their companies and address their individual workforce needs in a more expeditious manner that they stepped up to the plate and really knocked one out of the park by pledging nearly $123,000—delivering a real home run for the first BYC fundraiser of 2020!

How Does the BYC 50/50 Program Work?

The new 50/50 fundraising campaign is designed to allocate 50% of the funds companies contribute to BYC toward supporting construction education at a K-12 school or Community/Technical College of their choice, with the remaining 50% being donated to support the expansion of an existing BYC program of their choice—all on behalf of their companies.  Contributing employers identify their target schools and we determine their needs, then align those needs with available resources.

Customize Your BYC Contribution to Fit Your Needs!

The 50/50 program fundraising campaign was specifically created with each of our CAGC member employers in mind.  Build Your Career and the Carolinas AGC Foundation wanted to design a new employer-driven program that would better provide a direct impact and immediate benefit to our contributors and donors.  We have created a more streamlined approach to expediting return on investment for each of our contributing member firms by allowing each individual company to now completely customize their donations.  By supporting the BYC 50/50 fundraising campaign, our donors are leading the charge in filling their own talent pipelines because they will now be able to more effectively target and identify exactly how their contribution funds will be best utilized to drive measurable results back to their company!

CAGC Members Embrace 50/50 Program by Pledging $122,500!

Thanks to our loyal and supportive members, Build Your Career received a whopping total of $122,500 (and counting) in donation pledges at this year’s annual Convention! This amount was double what was raised during the 2019 Convention and four times the amount generated at the 2018 Convention.

CAGC, the Carolinas AGC Foundation and Build Your Career would like to acknowledge all the member firms that made commitments at our 2020 annual Convention to support BYC through the new 50/50 fundraising initiative:

~ Triangle Grading & Paving, Inc. ~

~ BB & T/McGriff Insurance Services ~

~ Material Sales Company ~

~ HardHat Workforce Solutions ~

~ Balfour Beatty ~

~ Young & McQueen Grading Company, Inc. ~

~ Mountaineer Contractors, Inc. ~

~ T.A. Loving Company ~

~ Hood Construction ~

~ Hall Contracting Corp. (M & C Foundation) ~

~ United Infrastructure Group ~

~ Trident Construction ~

~ Shelco, LLC ~

~ Sloan Construction ~

~ Barnhill Contracting Company ~

~ Edison-Foard ~

~ Blythe Development Company~

~ Scott Insurance ~

~ Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers ~

~ C.T. Wilson Construction ~

~ Daniels & Daniels Construction ~

~ State Utility Contractors ~

~ Wayne Brothers Companies ~

~ PeopleReady Skilled Trades ~

~ Batson-Cook ~

~ Sentinel Risk Advisors ~

This was by far the most successful fundraising event in the history of Build Your Career and we offer our most heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude to each and every one of our CAGC member donors—your contributions will enable us to continue our efforts to put an end to the construction industry workforce shortage crisis here in the Carolinas!  The 50/50 campaign is one of several fundraising initiatives that will support BYC while also allowing us to continue expanding existing BYC programs and services that can sustain and grow the construction workforce across the Carolinas in a more member-specific manner.

For more information on the CAGC Foundation’s Build Your Career workforce development initiative, our new 50/50 fundraising program or to volunteer to become a BYC Ambassador, please visit our website or contact Program Director, Tammy Ford, via email at or by phone at (704) 995-3901. To make a charitable contribution to BYC, please visit our secure online donation portal.