An Open Letter From Our Old Friend Steve Gennett


An Open Letter From Our Old Friend Steve Gennett


An Open Letter from our Old Friend Steve Gennett

I recently began volunteering with Build Your Career. Why? During my forty six years working for the construction industry, one of my biggest concerns was how to recruit and retain young folks into our industry. It’s difficult to communicate to students—and more importantly, to their parents—the vast opportunities for a successful career in construction. Frankly, in the past, it’s my opinion we failed as an industry in achieving a sustainable approach to promoting construction careers; with Build Your Career, this is changing.

I’m reaching out to you today to ask you to join me and Carolinas AGC in taking action. There are two ways to help: 1) please consider volunteering to visit a school to promote our industry to the students, teachers, counselors, and parents (CAGC will supply the tools to do this!); and 2) contribute financially to help offset Build Your Career program costs.

Ensuring a healthy workforce is vital to our industry, and it’s everyone’s responsibility. Please support this effort, and encourage your construction peers to do the same.

I’m pleased to assist in this effort and am hopeful the industry will see Build Your Career as a positive force in advancing knowledge about the rewarding career opportunities in the construction industry.

We appreciate your time reviewing to keep up with all the latest Build Your Career news.


Stephen P. Gennett Retired Carolinas AGC CEO

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