Your Generous Donation Dollars go to Fund the Following Deliverables:

Advertising and Promotional Materials

  • Brochures and takeaway Items for:
    • Our BYC Ambassadors
    • Students
    • Counselors and Teachers (Including small gifts to show their support)
    • Parents

Booth Space at Student Career Fairs

    • Five already delivered through May 2017
    • Giveaway items attractive to young people stimulating Construction Career interest

Purchase Social Media Advertising

    • Purchased FaceBook Advertising
    • Purchase LinkedIn Advertising
    • Purchase future Twitter Advertising
    • Development of additional digital media outreach elements

Development of Videos

    • Purchased Awareness/Introductory Video
    • Develop videos targeting specific Highway/Heavy, Building and Utility Markets

Development of Testimonial Videos and Web Materials

  • Develop videos targeting specific craftworker/trades
  • Develop web items specific to marketing construction career benefits
  • Due to industry urgent need to target students right out of high school, not wanting any formal training, immediately develop web identity, using Carolinas AGC Career page with highlighted “shovel ready” lower-level positions


Development and Maintenance of Website

  • Delivered January and fund ongoing updates


Purchase Additional Advertising

  • Future develop and purchase Print Media (newspaper and magazines)
  • Future develop and purchase Billboards
  • Future develop and purchase Radio Ads
  • Develop and purchase of digital media efforts as appropriate


Thanks again for your donations